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Realtor Channel

Welcome, to the Living Room Learning Channel ™ - The "Realtor's Client's Open House"

As a seller's realtor,  wouldn't it be nice to be able to showcase your listing properties in multiple media formats? .  As a buyer's realtor wouldn't is also be nice to showcase more properties to potential buyers in a highly competitve and commission shrinking industry?

Advantages of the Virtual Open House:

  • 24 Hour Open House with no realtor scheduling conflicts. 

  • Target more "Buyer's Realtors to promote your listing properties.

  • Help your clients reach more "Buyer's Realtors" and potential home buyers regardless of real estate markets ups or downs.

  • Engage with digital professionals to create engaging, dynamic photo albums, customized video library, custom scripted speaking avatar or humatars delivering your client's message. 

  • Utilize Matterport 3D "Walk-through" tour technology to showcase your client's properties.  

  • Cost effective pro-active marketing of your property and deliver the message your want buyers and seller to know.

  • As commissions are being squeezed, use innovative marketing to Identify, Target, Engage, Cultive and Convert more home sales. 

Give your client's the information they need and want. On Their Terms.

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