Mortgage Life Insurance Planning



  •  Yearly Renewal Term Insurance

  • 5 Year Renewal Term Insurance

  • 10 Year Renewal Term Insurance

  • 15 Year Renewal Term Insurance

  • 20 Year Renewal Term Insurance

  • 30 Year Renewal Term Insurance



This is the simplest form of life insurance. In fact, these provide protection for a specified period. In fact, it provides protection for a specified period and doesn’t accumulate a cash value.


Also, the premiums are fixed over the life of the cover. Hence, term insurance cover only provides against death. So the policy will pay if death occurs during the term of the policy. The term ranges from 1 to 30 years. 


There are 2 types of term life insurance covers. These are level term and decreasing term. Further, in level term the death benefit is the same duration of the policy. In decreasing term insurance, the death benefit drops over the duration of the policy.


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