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Living Room Learning Channel ™

Give Your Buyers The Information They Need And Want.

On Their Terms.

890 Glendale Ave, Palm Bay, FL | MLS #1012777

As the Buyer's Realtor, register to show with your client

890 Glendale Ave NW Palm Bay, FL

Living Room Learning Channel ™

Realtor's Virtual Showing

Welcome to Living Room Learning Channel ™.

This platform is designed showcase realtors properties virtually. As a buyer's realtor, please register and the seller's realtor will be notified.


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What's Happening In July With The Buyer's Agreement?

Is the sandwich being taken out of your mouth?


Let's be fair to the Buyer's Realtor.


If the "buyer" of the property can now negotiate commissions with the "Buyer's Realtor" why not consider accepting a bonus from the homeowner selling the property?


So, let's put the sandwich back where it belongs!


To any "Buyer's Realtor" that shows MLS# 1012777 either virtually or by appointment and their client buys the property listed here, the homeowner the will pay the Buyer's Realtor a bonus beyond the current compensation arrangement.


MLS # 1012777

890 Glendale Ave. NW | Palm Bay, FL 32907

*see MLS private notes.

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