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iHomeFinder Website Setup

These websites are built by Adaptive Marketing Group, LLC, The Living Room Learning Channel (tm), in Wix Studio the newest and most dynamic and responsive website publishing platform in the market. The MLS IDX search engines are powered by

The iHomefinder Real Estate app for Wix makes it simple and efficient for agents to deploy advanced real estate websites, giving them more time to focus on what they do best – selling homes.

The websites are completely customized to the realtor's brand, theme, niche' and style. The more you provide, the more customized it will become. Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible.

All content including links, fields descriptions and numbers will be displayed exactly as input into these fields.  Cross check your input for typing, punctuation and spelling errors.

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Let's start the design and customization of the website.

We recommend you type content in a Word document. Check spelling, punctuation, etc. Copy and paste into the fields below. Use AI, such as ChatGBT if necessary.


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Do you have specific homes, properties or other photos you want to feature or highlight on your website? If not, you can select royalty free photos to upload at Pexels . Other photos can also be acquired from Adoble. Some are royalty free, other purchased. All photos and video are subject to appropriate licensing use and copywrite laws.