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Raffle Entry | Longhorn Steak House

Date & Time of Online Virtual Visitation to property?

Information requested below will only be shared with the Buyer's & Seller's Realtors. Enter only the information necessary for the raffle or to find out more about the listed MLS property.

How Interested Are You In This Property? 1-5 (Highest = 5)

Raffle Sponsored by

Adaptive Marketing Group, LLC

$100 Value.

Longhorn Steakhouse Gift Card

Raffle Rules

  • Home Buyers - One enter per virtual visit to the MLS identified property. A licensed Seller's or Buyer's Realtor is required for submission and participate in the raffle. The buyer's information will not be shared or sold for other marketing purposes.

  • Realtors State regulations prohibit the Seller's, Buyer's Agent or Broker from being awarded gifts of any kind, including this raffle.

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