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Long-Term Care Planning and Disability Planning Go Hand-in-Hand

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Physician Disability Insurance Facts:

  • 1 in 4 Americans in the workforce will suffer a disabling injury before retirement

  • 350,000 bankruptcies per year can be attributed to unexpected injuries or illnesses

  • 65% of applicants for disability benefits through Social Security are denied the first time


The 5 leading causes of long-term disability

  • Musculoskeletal. According to the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA), about a quarter of long-term disabilities are caused by muscle, joint or back problems.

  • Cancer. ...

  • Cardiovascular. ...

  • Injuries. ...

  • Mental health. ...

  • Strokes. ...

  • Diabetes. ...

  • Infectious diseases.


"Cancer is the fastest-growing cause for disability claims," Tassey says. Why? In part, this reflects a rising rate of cancer, he says. It could also result from more effective treatment. "We're doing medical miracles today," he says. "People are living much longer after a cancer diagnosis than they once did."                  WebMD

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


  • Each year in the United States, about three million people are nonfatally injured in motor vehicle crashes.

  • Crash-related injuries are costly—medical care costs and productivity losses associated with injuries and deaths from motor vehicle crashes exceeded $75 billion in 2017.